Minor Races

Throughout the game you will encounter a host of Minor Races, these include the Vulcans (you must have heard of "Spock", the pointy eared one from the original series), the Bajorans (which featured heavily in the Deep Space Nine series), among loads of others.

Here you will find a list of the Minor Races and their specialities. Some of these races have their own ships, and you will find a list of common ship names as well as their specifications.

Minor Race ships & Statisics

Race Bonus Building
Acamarians 100% credits on Acamar Clan Hall
Andorians 25 points Ship experience War College
Angosians 40% ground combat Super Soldier Academy
Antedians 100% food on Antede  
Anticans 50% ground combat Mustering base
Bajorans + 1 Morale Empire-wide Julanda Forum
Bandi 100% construction research  
Benzites 50% Industry on system  
Bolians 50% espionage  
Bynars 100% Computer research Planetary Computer
Caldonians 25% research  
Chalnoth 100% Weapons research  
Edo + 1 Morale Empire-wide Palace of Edo
Ktarians 50% Sabotage Ktarian Game Studio
Malcorians 100% Propulsion research  
Mintakans 100% foodon Mintaka Mintakan Farm
Mizarians + 5 Morale on Mizar Monument of Surrender
Nausicans 40% ground combat  
Pakled 150 points research  
Selay 50% ground combat  
Sheliak 100% Energy research  
Takarans 100% Biotech research  
Talarians 40% ground combat  
Tamarians 300 points research on Talar  
Trill 30% research  
Ulians 35% Espionage + Sabotage  
Vulcan 35% research Science Academy
Yridians 50% espionage  
Zakdorn 100 points ship experience