Star Trek: Birth of the Federation



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Now you have the game up and running, you're probably wondering what the hell your supposed to do? Well you could have a look at the tutorial, which is on the CD, along with the tutorial games. But these are quite frankly pretty crap, but will help you get used to the menu system if nothing else.

Alternateively get someone who has played it before to show you.

You don't have to be a Trekkie to play this game, but the more you know about the Star Trek Universe the better, as the game is largely based on the Next Generation series. You choose to play as one of the Major Powers, even if you don't watch Star Trek you've probably heard of some of them: The Federation, The Klingons, The Romulans, The Cardassian and the Ferengi. Throughout the game you will also encounter a host of Minor Races. These Minor Races each have different specialties which you can use to help your quest to dominate the Galaxy. For example the Vulcans speciality is Research.

Major Power Ship Statistics

All Major Race Stats - MS Excel
Statistics assembled by Richard C. You should contact him with any BOTF questions you may have, along with any hints or suggestions you may need.

Minor Race Info & Ship Statistics HERE

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Also a Borg Cube